Investment Portfolio Construction and Management

Whitehall-Parker representatives bring diverse experience gained from many years of market analysis through both strong and difficult economic conditions.  Our overriding interest is providing our customers with the array of investment choices they have available to them and the relevant information necessary to assess those options.  We will spend the time with investors to get them to understand the key principles of these investment vehicles to assist them in developing an appropriate path forward for themselves.  At the end of this process our investors gain a comfort level around the risks, costs, benefits, restrictions, and general features of their investments, so they can conduct their lives with peace of mind.

Through Emerson Equity LLC(Member FINRA/SIPC), Whitehall-Parker can offer investors access to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds(ETFs), unit investment trusts(UITs), options, variable and fixed annuities, and alternative investments in real estate, oil and gas and private equity.  Each of these securities serves a basic need and may or may not be a fit for a particular investor.  Your Whitehall-Parker representative will help you determine which of these investments make sense for your risk tolerance, age, tax circumstance, knowledge, and requirements.

Whitehall-Parker wants you to enjoy this experience and be successful in reaching your financial goals while pursuing the other things in life that have value.  The decisions you make in the financial arena with your Whitehall-Parker representative should allow you to focus on building the life you want to lead.  Whitehall-Parker representatives understand that they play a critical role in this process over a long period of time, and they take what they do very seriously.  We encourage a relationship with these representatives that is transparent and allows for effective communication at all points.

Whitehall-Parker representatives try to stay at the leading edge of information and best practices for the investment industries we serve.  We want our investors to benefit from this expertise and always receive guidance that is in their best interest.  This does require effort and active participation by the investor, but your Whitehall-Parker representative will endeavor to help you refine what is in your best interest and make it available to you.  Markets for stocks, bonds, real estate, oil and gas, and other investments are inherently uncertain and at times volatile, but with patience, proper due diligence, and time, investors can harness good quality investments to build wealth and provide income to finance their lives.  We would like to be with you to help you with that for the long term.  Thank you for letting us serve you.